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Finax - choosing the right dose

Finax - choosing the right dose

Those affected by male pattern baldness see their hair follicles decrease in size and strength over a period of time until, eventually, they experience some baldness. This process is said to be caused by high amounts of DHT, a male hormone that’s essential in the maturing stage of a man’s life, but can cause some issues later on.

In simple terms, Finasteride works by lowering your levels of DHT. Which will, in most cases, stop any further hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

Finasteride is prescribed to treat both male pattern baldness (MPB), and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). But these conditions need to be treated with different doses of Finasteride.

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Medically reviewed by
Navkaran Singh Sandhu, Lead Doctor
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Medically reviewed by
Dr Navkaran Singh Sandhu
Lead Doctor
on March 15, 2023.
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What’s the ‘normal’ dose of Finasteride?

There are two doses of Finasteride, each prescribed to treat different conditions. Which one you take will depend on what you’re using it for.

The usual Finax dosage for hair fall is 1mg. But if, on the other hand, you’re getting Finasteride to treat an enlarged prostate, you’ll be prescribed the 5mg tablets. (It’s worth knowing that 5mg isn’t any more effective than 1mg when it’s used for hair loss.)

When should I use Finax 1mg tablets?

Finax 1mg tablets are usually only prescribed to people who are experiencing hair fall, or men who suffer from male pattern baldness.

Any Finasteride 1mg tablet is, essentially, the same as Finax 1mg tablets. The only real differences being: price, as other treatments could be more expensive, and how they’re produced, marketed differently and can be made in different factories.

When should I use Finasteride 5mg tablets?

Finasteride 5mg tablets are only prescribed to people who suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition where your prostate becomes enlarged.

Are there other doses of Finasteride?

There are only two doses of Finasteride: 1mg and 5mg, and one dose of Finax (1mg) available.

Following a series of negative results in men with androgenic alopecia who used Finasteride 1mg tablets as a treatment, there has been some research into the potential use of a lower dose of medication for hair loss. Studies have trialled using Finasteride at a dose of 0.5mg to reduce the risk of side effects . But as of yet there aren’t any licensed lower doses of Finasteride available for you to buy.

Can I use Finasteride 5mg to treat hair loss?

No, you really shouldn’t use Finasteride 5mg tablets to treat hair loss. The increased dosage won’t work towards speeding up your hair regrowth process, and it won’t improve your treatment in any way. Taking a higher dosage than recommended will only increase your risks of side effects.

If you feel like Finax 1mg tablets aren’t helping your hair fall, and you’re not experiencing as much regrowth as you’d liked, speak to our doctors. They might be able to recommend another treatment for you to use, or advise you of ways to get the best out of your treatment.

What happens if I miss my dose of Finax?

If you’re taking Finax for hair loss, the medication will be at its most effective if you take it at the same time every day. Missing one dose shouldn’t cause any issues, but it might be worthwhile putting a system in place to keep it from happening too often. For example, you could set an alarm for the same time every day to remind you to take your tablet.

If you forget to take your tablet one day, just resume the treatment as usual the next day. Don’t take two tablets to make up for it, this won’t be effective, and might even be pointless.

What if I take the wrong dose of Finax?

If you accidentally take more Finax than you should, monitor your symptoms. If you start to feel unwell after taking more than your maximum daily dose of Finax you should seek emergency medical help. But you don’t have to worry too much, as there haven’t been any reported cases of Finasteride overdose , so you should be safe.

If you’re treating BPH and should be taking 5mg tablets, but instead you only took 1mg, it won’t matter too much. Just make sure to take the correct dose the next time as the 1mg won’t be enough to treat and manage BPH symptoms. Don’t try and take the 5mg soon after you take the 1mg tablet, instead wait for the next day to resume your treatment.

Which dose of Finasteride should I use?

If you're taking Finasteride for hair fall: the 1mg Finax dose should work fine for you. If you're taking it for BPH: the 5mg dose. honest-expertise.svg

When used for hair fall, it takes a few months to see the full effects of finasteride, so it's important to give the medication time. But if after several months of use you aren't seeing any improvement in your hair, it's worth speaking to a clinician to see if there are any other treatments that might work better for you. For some men, combining Finasteride with Regaine can produce better results.

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This page was medically reviewed by Dr Navkaran Singh Sandhu, Lead Doctor on March 15, 2023. Next review due on March 15, 2025.

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