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  • Consult online
    Consult online

    Consult online

    We call them consultations, but it’s really an opportunity for us to get to know you better. Tell us what you are looking for — we’re here to help. It all happens online, and only takes a few minutes.

    We will connect you to a certified Indian doctor who will review your condition and suggest treatment options based on your unique medical history. You can ask any question you have along the way. Our medical team is always here to help you.

  • Choose


    We offer what’s safe and best. We'll let you know what your treatment options are, but you choose which medication you'd like. Choose your preferred option and get it delivered to your door. Delivery is always free.

    The subscription part? That’s for refills. At Treated, we think getting your medication should be easy and hassle-free. Choose how much medication you’d like, and how often you’d like it delivered, and we take care of the rest. (Though we’ll need to check in occasionally just to make sure your medication is working well for you.)

  • Control


    Treated is healthcare on your terms. Pause or cancel your plan any time, easily, for any reason. And if you need help with your treatment, we’re always listening. The message feature in your account means direct access to certified Indian doctors, at your fingertips. So, adjusting your dose or switching medicines is simpler than ever.

  • Care


    We’re with you every step of the way, from helping you pick the medication to making sure you get the ongoing care you need. A Treated subscription gives you access to medical experts whenever and wherever you need. So, go ahead and ask those middle-of-the-night questions. And if you’ve just placed a one-time order, you’ve got access for a full year.

We’ve covered the basics, but we’re all about the details.

Visit our FAQ for information on payment, delivery and all the rest.

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