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Affordable healthcare for everyone.

Treated is healthcare without the surprises. Tell us what you need — whether that’s a timely delivery of the daily medication you need or a one-off purchase. Then we’ll help you choose the right treatment based on your unique medical history, budget and any other considerations. We carry both brand-name and generic options for many of our medications.

We’re always reviewing our plans to make sure they’re affordable. Below, you’ll find the cost of popular medications according to different care plans.

These prices are inclusive of the cost of your treatment, the consultation, delivery, after care and unlimited access to our expert clinicians. One price, all-inclusive (just as healthcare should be).

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Ahaglow S Face Wash

Salicylic acid + Glycolic acid + aloe vera extract

Non-comedogenic, paraben free face wash that is said to help clear out your acne.

  • 0.0005%
Quantity Starting from
100 g ₹760.00
200 g ₹1,359.00 Save ₹161.00



Widely used treatment for acne and other skin problems. Contains isotretinoin.

  • 5mg
Quantity Starting from
30 Capsules ₹543.00
60 Capsules ₹925.00 Save ₹161.00
90 Capsules ₹1,307.00 Save ₹322.00
180 Capsules ₹2,454.00 Save ₹804.00
360 Capsules ₹4,747.00 Save ₹1,769.00
Clinapil gel

Pernex Ac


Topical gel that kills acne-causing bacteria without harming your skin.

  • 0.025mg
Quantity Starting from
20 gms ₹221.00
40 gms ₹281.00 Save ₹161.00
60 gms ₹341.00 Save ₹322.00
80 gms ₹401.00 Save ₹483.00
100 gms ₹462.00 Save ₹643.00
Retino-A cream

Retino A


Effective topical treatment for acne which is also helpful in reducing wrinkles.

  • 0.025%
Quantity Starting from
20 gms ₹418.00
40 gms ₹676.00 Save ₹160.00
60 gms ₹933.00 Save ₹321.00
80 gms ₹1,191.00 Save ₹481.00
100 gms ₹1,449.00 Save ₹641.00
Clinapil gel

Clinapil gel

Clindamycin 1% gel

Effective topical treatment for mild to severe acne. Contains clindamycin.

  • 0.01%
Quantity Starting from
10 g ₹191.00
20 g ₹222.00 Save ₹160.00
30 g ₹253.00 Save ₹320.00
40 g ₹284.00 Save ₹480.00
50 g ₹315.00 Save ₹640.00
Retino-A cream

Ezanic 20% Cream

Azelaic acid

Antibacterial cream that helps to clear up your acne and leave your skin spotless.

  • 10%
  • 20%
Quantity Starting from
15 g ₹368.00
Quantity Starting from
15 g ₹441.00

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